TwitterGirlz: BFFs Who Change the World

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
I have to admit that although I occasionally read tweets, I don’t post them. Not yet anyway. But despite my (flagging) resistance, there’s a movement for writers to have an interactive online presence. Writing on your laptop, curled up on your bed alone is no longer enough. What we need, we’re told is a platform. And these YA authors on Twitter have them.

What is it about Twitter that attracts us as writers? For me, it’s a bit voyeuristic. I want to know how other writers live. I want them to tell me secrets, inadvertently if possible, about their lives as if we were BFFs (that’s best friends forever for you moms out there ☺).

And, I want to escape from my own life for a few minutes and at the same time be inspired to return to my day, to my computer, with new insights or motivation to put words on a page that may in turn inspire someone else.

So, in a vicarious attempt to inspire you, I direct you to two powerful women who have changed the lives of many: Maria Shriver, and Michelle Obama — whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday Michelle (see, just like we’re BFFs already).

What’s the most inspirational Tweet you’ve ever read? Grab a cup of coffee, or a Coke, sit down at the table with me, and tell me all about it.


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