Script Frenzy — Don’t Miss It!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's not too late to sign up for the April 1 start of Script Frenzy (NaNoWriMo's crazy cousin), or the Young Writers Program Script Frenzy.

For those of you not familiar with Script Frenzy, here’s a blurb from the What is Script Frenzy page: “The Challenge: Write 100 pages of original scripted material in the 30 days of April. (Screenplays, stage plays, web series, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.)”

The biggest perks offered by the NaNo and Script Frenzy sites during these whirlwind writing adventures — in addition to the motivation they provide — are the resources they offer, which are second to none.

I won’t cover all of them here, but the resource pages for both sites offer guides and advice for writers of all ages (see a few examples below) AND free educator’s resources.

YWP’s Script Frenzy Resources:
Scriptwriting Boot Camps for elementary, middle, or high school
Scriptwriting Workbooks for elementary, middle, or high school
How-to guides for screenwriting, TV writing, playwriting, or comic book writing

YWP’s Educators’ Resources:
Classroom Kits
Scriptwriting Lesson Plans for elementary, middle, or high school

Script Frenzy Resources:
How-to guides for stage plays, screenplays, TV scripts, and comic books
Articles by the Experts (broken down by topic such as Outlining, Structure and Format, Characters, Comedy)
How to Build Great Characters and Stories (including the Hollywood Formula Worksheet)

Every writer is different, but my big writing projects tend to center around NaNo and Script Frenzy. Every November I write the first draft of a novel. And every April, I write the first draft of a screenplay — conveniently, based on the novel. Will I ever make a film? Probably not (Sorry to my 8th-grade self whose first film was a Super-8 and lives in the back of my head with dreams of making movies). But what Script Frenzy does for me is equally as important as putting me in the director’s chair (or at the screenwriter’s desk); it forces me to revise. Let me say that again, REVISE. Edit. Dramatically improve my dialogue, fill plot holes, (and ruthlessly remove adverbs). Script Frenzy is an opportunity, nay a gift that allows me to improve my writing in a way that’s so fun, it almost doesn’t feel like work. Almost. And hey, after writing 50,000+ words in a month, 100 pages, (fewer than 20,000 words) is, to use an editable cliché, a piece of cake.


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