How it all Began

In 2008, wanting to encourage my then nine-year-old to pursue her dreams of being a writer, I began what we called the Mother-Daughter Writing Camp. Although I had wanted to be a writer when I grew up, as a kid from limited resources, I had never met any authors. I did not want that to be the case for my daughter. So, together, we developed our writing camp, which consisted mostly of us reading works by specific authors, then meeting and interviewing them. 

Since then, we've met and interviewed authors from many genres, from magazine writers to screenwriters. (One of our favorite interviews was with my dear friend, Jeffrey Reddick who created the Final Destination franchise, and I hope one day soon we'll get it posted.)

It's been a great experience for us, both humbling and inspiring. My daughter is now 13, in the 9th grade, and is creating a path for herself, strewn with writing award after writing award. I hope that what we share here in this blog will inspire you and your daughters to dream big, and to write every day. 

In the era of over-burdened schedules and text messaging, I am thankful that despite the communication challenges that arise between teens and their parents, talking about writing is indeed a bonding experience.